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Week of May 25th
Family Fitness Challenge
Movement video(s) of the week
Celebrate summer by dancing along with these friendly birds!
Workout with Spider Man!
Disney Dance Challenge
Extra Resources
Great resources to use anytime!
Just dance on youtube (he is also on youtube) he has lots of educational dancing songs (You can find lots of superhero and other kid themed workouts here!)
I hope you all have a great summer! If you need anything or have any questions, please email me at!
Week of May 18th
Weekly Family Fitness Challenge
Movement Video(s) of the Week
For littles:
Great for brain breaks while e-learning:
More outdoor family games:
Week of May 11th
Ingredients for our recipes:
Peanut Butter balls
1/2 cup PB
1/4 cup coconut flour
1.5 tablespoons maple syrup
(*we accidentally used too much flour and syrup in our video, so use this!)
Yogurt, strawberry, and granola snack
*You can use various fruits and whatever yogurt and granola you want but here is what we used:
Vanilla greek yogurt (less sugar and more protein than regular yogurt)
3-5 Strawberries
Granola (Post honey bunches of oats- this is what we had at home but there are ones available that contain less sugar)
Movement Video(s) of the Week 
Same guy but with a little helper...
Extra Links/Resources
Week of May 4th
Family Fitness Challenge: Minute to Win It!
Here is how we assigned points:
1 point per round for participation
1 point per round for good sportsmanship
2 points to the winner (either highest number of the exercise or who had the most effort,
depending on the type of activity) of each round
Fitness Video of the Week
(No jump rope? No problem!)
Week of April 27th
Week 4 Family Fitness Challenge:
Movement Video(s) of the Week:
For younger students
Fun for the whole family
Here is one more challenge:
Thanks for visiting and PLEASE send me those pics at
I hope you are all staying safe and active! ❤️ Mrs. Curtice
Week of April 20th
Family Fitness Challenge:
If you make your own obstacle course, please send a picture to
Here is ours...
Movement Video of the Week:
For more GoNoodle videos, visit
Extra Resources/Links (more obstacle course ideas):
Week of April 13th
Hello!  Please watch the video to learn about our next family fitness challenge!
In case the video was unclear about the proper form, here is a picture:
Here are a few pictures from our family plank challenge...
Video of the Week:
Just Dance- I Like to Move it 


More resources to check out:


Kids Bop Dance Along Videos





You can go to the website or download the app on your phone.  Many students have done this at school and there are a ton of movement/dancing/exercising/yoga videos here!


Thanks for visiting!
Week of April 6th
Hello CCA families!  Welcome to our new way of incorporating gym class into our school year!  Please bear with me as I navigate how to do this and as I attempt to get better at posting videos.  :)  Please see the first video link below for a better introduction of how we can do "gym class" from my home to yours!
Family Fitness Challenge of the Week:  Week 1- Jumping Jacks!
Fitness Video of the Week:  
Additional Links to check out:
For my fitness testing (grades 4-6) friends:
(If you remember, we had fitness cards that we used to practice for our fitness testing.  Here is the link to those, along with a ton more!)
For free kids workouts:
You have to create an account for this one, so you will need help and permission from a parent, but it is free!
As I mentioned in my first video, these are ALL optional. My goal is to help you find ways to stay healthy and happy! If you take a picture or video of your family doing the weekly fitness challenges, or would just like to report the winner, OR if you would just like to check in and say hi or ask a email is I will check my email every day at 10 a.m.
Thanks for visiting!
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