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Crossroads Parent Testimonials
We switched our 5 kids to Crossroads from a parochial school two years ago, and we’re quite pleased. The teachers are fantastic, the academics are strong, and classroom sizes remain small despite the growth in enrollment. Our kids have made many new friends, are involved in band, choir, sports, and some of the many after-school programs.
- Gary & Cindy Wendlowsky
What brought us to CCA? The search for me started 6 years ago, my daughter was 4 years old and I had a big decision to make. Where would she attend kindergarten? At the time, I was a Ferris student, with a research assignment about a decision that I had to make. That assignment led to research information about the local schools, and although CCA was academically the best choice, I decided to enroll my daughter in a different public school. That decision to enroll her somewhere else was based on my personal comfort. I had attended a public school, and I wasn’t familiar with the charter school system. Plus, a lot of her friends from her preschool were also going to that same public school, so I knew that she would have friends there. My decision changed when talking to close friends, who used to be a teacher at CCA. I was sharing that one of my biggest priorities for my kindergartener, was that she would still have “family time”, and not spend a five full days a week at school. My friend encouraged me to express my desire to CCA, and I was thrilled to see their understanding reaction to my request. They really cared and accommodated my daughter to allow the best learning environment for her. So, I changed my plan. I would send her to CCA for kindergarten, and then in first grade I’d switch her to a different public school, because I was still comfortable with that idea. After a few months of her starting Kindergarten at CCA, I knew with great confidence that we would never switch to another school. There are so many amazing aspects that make CCA the best place for my daughter to receive her education. She is now in 4th grade, and CCA has become our permanent home. I am so grateful for the incredible atmosphere that CCA provides, to shape her academically and morally into a great young lady.
- Kerri Meeuwes
As I was thinking about what I wanted to write about Crossroads Charter Academy, one phrase kept popping into my head---Crossroads Cares. I think the phrase, Crossroads Cares, describes what Crossroads is all about. They care about and respect each other, the students they teacher, and their families. When your child attends Crossroads, they not only receive a quality education by gifted teachers, but they also become a part of a family. Once you become a part of the Crossroads Charter Academy family, you will always be a member. I have had children attending Crossroads for ten years. I current have children in 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 9th grades. Over the years, I have been a witness to see just how much they truly care about their students and their families. There have been a few times when our family was struggling financially and members of our Crossroads family helped us out. We have had a Thanksgiving dinner provided for us and we have received gift cards to help with the cost of school supplies. There have been times when we couldn’t afford to send our children on field trips and that had been taken care of as well. Crossroads may be a smaller school than others in our district, but I like it that way. My children like having a smaller class size. There is more one-on-one interaction between teachers and students. The teachers and staff know each student by name. My children feel free to express themselves because the classes are smaller. The staff doesn’t just care about the students during school hours. Whenever we have run into teachers or other staff members out in the community, they always greet my children with a smile and sometimes a hug. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are loved and appreciated. That is the feeling you get when you are a part of Crossroads. I truly believe that the staff at Crossroads has a tremendous effect on our children. They lead by example. I have found that the students at Crossroads are kind, polite, and respectful. They are friendly with each other. That is a direct result of the inspirational teaching our students receive. They are taught not only knowledge but also character building principles that are reflected in how they treat each other. My children have never been picked on or bullied. I am secure in knowing that they are well taken care of when they are at school. As important as my input as a parent is, I wanted you to know what my children thought about attending Crossroads. My experiences have been limited compared to theirs. They are there every day. So I asked them what they liked most about Crossroads. Their responses were similar in nature. This is what they said. “The teachers are so nice. They really care about me. They understand me. They make learning fun.” My children love going to school. Two of my children have been so inspired by their teachers that they want to be teachers when they grow up. Every day I am thankful for a school like Crossroads for my children to attend. A school where I know they are getting an excellent education. A school where I know they are loved and are being well taken care of. A school where character is as much a part of their education as reading and writing. I feel truly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful school family.
- Tara Nunamaker